Is there a sustainable tannery? Yes and it is in Friuli


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In recent years, luxury fashion is facing an unprecedented change: the most important international fashion houses but also emerging brands seem to have only one mission, to be sustainable.

The new luxury green is the predominant trend of the market and the choices of many stylists and creative directors are oriented towards the almost complete elimination of raw materials considered very polluting.

First of all? The leather.

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The revolution comes from Friuli: the historic Presot tannery is located a few steps from Pordenone, which since 1932 has prided itself on producing completely natural leather, without the use of chemicals.

The production of sustainable leather

Everything starts from the tanning process: this historic company in fact uses only vegetable tannins.

They are not chemical agents and pollutants but roots, leaves and branches give life to the unmistakable color of the leather of this unique tannery of its kind.

Of course, this precious material, treated in such a unique and special way, did not go unnoticed.

There are many international luxury fashion houses that supply themselves to the Presot tannery for their collections: from Gucci to Hermés, from Prada to Santoni they make the soles of their shoes with this innovative and at the same time ancient material.

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Sustainable leather: not only green tanning

Talking about leather and leather without talking about pollution seems like an understatement.

In fact, not only in more traditional production, the chemical agents for tanning are very polluting, but also the entire production process is among the most impacting on the environment.

Also in this case, the Friulian tannery stands out from the competition: it achieves total environmental sustainability by powering its machinery thanks to solar panels and hydroelectric energy, coming from the waters of the nearby lake.

This virtuous supply chain makes the tannery one of the true excellence of Made in Italy and acts as a spokesperson for the message that sustainability in luxury can be achieved even in the most unexpected fields.

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