Fly Mangaluru-Bengaluru with IndiGo from 30 Oct


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IndiGo will operate flights to Mangaluru from Bengaluru starting  30 October 2022. Flight (6E256) will depart Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) at 6.40 am for Bengaluru.

A decision by IndiGo to station flight 6E678, which will arrive from Bengaluru in the evening, at MIA overnight will facilitate the operation of flight 6E256, which will depart for Bengaluru the next day at 6.40 am, reports The Hindu. The 6.40 am flight is against the 11 am flight that features in the current summer schedule. The first flight from Bengaluru will land in MIA at 8.10 am and leave for Mumbai at 8.45 am.

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