The University of Pisa in the field to design eco-friendly luxury yachts


It is called SUCCESS and it is a project that started a few days ago and involves the Tuscany Region and the University of Pisa as co-financiers, in particular from the Centro di Servizi Polo Universitario “Logistics Systems” of Livorno, which is also scientific manager of the initiative.

The goal of this two-year commitment is very ambitious: to improve coordination between companies in the Tuscan district that produce luxury yachts to improve their social impact and reduce that on the environment.

excellence magazine yacht sostenibili toscana

The presentation of SUCCESS was attended by Gianluca Dini, director of the University Center of Logistics Systems of the University of Pisa, Barbara Bonciani, councilor at the Port of the Municipality of Livorno, Federico Niccolini, scientific manager of the project, Sara Scipioni, researcher of the project, Marco Valle, CEO of Azimut-Benetti, Pietro Angelini, executive director of NAVIGO scarl, Fabrizio Santini, national president of ADACI, David Giraldi, head of circular economy Ambiente spa.

SUCCESS, luxury yachts and the circular economy

The project has already aroused the interest of very important subjects: in fact, it already sees important partnerships acquired such as the one that includes Azimut Benetti spa, world leader in the production of luxury boats and ships based in Tuscany, NAVIGO scarl, the largest network of nautical companies in Tuscany and one of the main in Europe, the Italian Purchasing and Supply Management Association (ADACI), Ambiente spa, consulting and environmental engineering company, and finally the Municipality of Livorno, as a support partner for the identification of local and regional policies to support the nautical sector.

excellence magazine yacht lusso sostenibile success

The purpose of this commitment shared by institutions and the world of luxury shipbuilding is to optimize resources and implement the principles of the circular economy, making sustainable one of the most strategic sectors for Tuscany: the production of luxury yachts.

In practice, it will be a question of identifying strategies and connections that can improve all phases of the supply chain in terms of environmental sustainability, through a new open and collaborative dialogue that involves all those involved in the supply chain.

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