The graphic work “Christ of Lecco” attributed to Leonardo da Vinci is presented at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan


The world of art is enriched with a new important work of Leonardo’s mastery

The conference “Epistemology of beauty – Leonardo, a case study” was held on the afternoon of Friday 14 October, at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

A day of interdisciplinary studies in which eminent exponents of the academic world, not only Italian, but also international, participated.

The following took place around the speakers’ table:

  • Prof. Rolando Bellini, art historian and critic, professor of art history, graphic art, museology and aesthetics at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts;
  • Prof. Fabio Minazzi, full professor of Philosophy of Science and Scientific Director of the Insubrico International Center;
  • Prof. Pier Enrico Gallenga, full professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Chieti-Pescara and gold medal of Italian Ophthalmology;
  • Prof. Marco Marinacci, architect and art historian, professor in the history of modern and contemporary art at the Milan Polytechnic;
  • Prof. Atila Soares Da Costa Filho in connection from Brazil, the scholar and art historian, member of the scientific committee of the Mona Lisa Foundation in Zurich and of the Loeonardo da Vinci Foundation in Milan, who have addressed, each through their own specific expertise, the creative path of Leonardo da Vinci and the role of the great Italian genius in the arts.

The actor Fabio Testi, opened the proceedings with the reading of some precepts of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Treatise on Painting and the councilor for Autonomy and Culture Stefano Bruno Galli began the conference, bringing greetings from Governor Fontana, declaring “we cannot remain indifferent to initiatives concerning Leonardo and our territory”.

Pascal Cotte 2021
Pascal Cotte 2021

The “Portrait / Christ of Lecco” owned by the Gallo Mazzoleni family, has been the subject of careful analysis which has allowed the attribution of a portrait, perhaps a self-portrait, of the Tuscan master, temporally placed in the period between the end of the 15th century and the early sixteenth century.

Prof. Rolando Bellini, declared “from my experience and knowledge I believe I can support and confirm that the investigated find, the so-called” Christ of Lecco”, owned by the Gallo Mazzoleni family of Lecco, reveals the presence of Leonardo’s master hand da Vinci. It is therefore, in my opinion, an authentic graphic text by Leonardo da Vinci.”

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