Sustainable architecture: luxury residences powered by the sun arrive in Miami


There are 189 of them and since the recent inauguration they have never stopped being talked about.

These are the enchanting residences of The Residences at 1428 Brickell, the first skyscraper to be proposed as completely solar powered.

The city where this marvel of architecture and sustainable luxury stands? Sunny and always glamorous Miami, of course.

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Solar-powered skyscraper: the phases of the green luxury residences project

Before laying the symbolic “first brick”, the project saw ten years of preliminary phase: between architectural studies and market research, we tried to reach as much as possible the tastes of the potential and fortunate inhabitants of this structure.

The birth of this jewel of sustainable architecture stems from the collaboration of the American design studio Arquitectonica, for the building, and the Italian team ACPV Architects, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, for the interiors.

A great pride for Italian design which, once again, is confirmed at the top of world excellence.

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The concept that guided the designers was one and very simple: to make the bond that unites apartment owners with the surrounding environment ever stronger; blurring the boundaries of private property and opening up to public spaces.

The rest was done by a unique attention to the material quality of the finishes, much higher than the average offered on the Miami market, combined with the plasticity of the lines that characterize every environment.

This new building, over 70 floors, is not only a sustainable luxury jewel, but it wants to become the new symbol of the lifestyle that Miami aspires to.

An informal luxury that combines the most advanced principles of energy saving with the best technologies to make each home unique and captivating, with a new focus on sociability.

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