Shiseido: the sustainable luxury beauty summit in Venice


These days the whole glamorous world has its eyes on one city: Venice.

The splendid Film Festival never ceases to make people dream both for the films projected on the big screen and for the stars who walk the infamous red carpet.

This was precisely the exclusive and prestigious location chosen by the beauty luxury brand Shiseido to celebrate 150 years of beauty and research for sustainable development with an exclusive event.

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Luxury, sustainability and beauty: the essence of Shiseido

The brand name has now become synonymous with excellence in the world of beauty, but sustainability and respect for the environment are also hallmarks of this brand.

The group boasts a very important history: it was 1872 when the first pharmacy was opened in Tokyo.

From there, the work of the brand has no longer known blocks and the founder, Arinobu Fukuhara, chose the name Shiseido with a very specific purpose.

The name is in fact made up of three syllables: Shi-sei-do, or resources-life-home and contains an approach to research called Dynamic Harmony, a union of science and nature in full respect of the environment.

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In addition to concepts such as harmony and balance, Shiseido has always embraced the Mottainai philosophy: it is a concept dear to Japanese culture, which refers to the intelligent use of materials, giving them a second chance, trying not to waste and reuse them.

All of this was translated and presented by Shiseido at its exclusive Venice event.

Shiseido and the commitment to sustainability

The brand’s commitment to sustainable luxury has ancient origins: just think that it uses packaging that can be refilled since 1926.

The goal for the future is very ambitious: to produce 100% sustainable packaging.

Giving back an opportunity to materials will result in the use of vegetable water obtained from food processing for the formulation of its precious cosmetics.

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