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Police investigating a horrific attack on a 30-year-old Cambodian woman by two Polish men are looking at whether it may have been a grudge held by her boyfriend’s ex-wife who threatened to kill her. An Interpol arrest warrant is being sought for the criminal duo who departed Thailand two days later for the Philippines.  

Police in Pattaya are seeking the help of Interpol to arrest two Polish criminals who carried out a premeditated and appalling attack on a 30-year-old Cambodian woman in the resort city using cutter knives, hammers and acid on November 1st last. Investigators working on the case are looking at the possibility that the two men, already identified by police, who left Thailand two days later, were hired by a love rival of the woman to carry out the horrific attack which has left the victim hospitalised with severe injuries.

Police Colonel Navin Sinthurat briefed the media on Friday. This was after police were able to question the victim in the case who was hospitalised following her horrific ordeal on November 1st at the hands of two Polish sadists who appeared to have acted in a premeditated manner. The duo targeted the young woman in the Nongprue area of Pattaya before leaving Thailand two days afterwards for the Philippines. Police have named the two fiends suspected of the cruel attack on the young woman as 31-year-old Mr Mateusz Piotr Krynicki and 22-year-old Mr Daniel Majewski.

Police in Pattaya applied for and were granted arrest warrants on November 10th in respect of two Polish criminals who flew out of Thailand on November 3rd heading for the Philippines after carrying out a depraved attack on a 30-year-old Cambodian woman who has been living in the resort city for the last year.

The arrest warrants for the two men are linked to charges of causing serious bodily harm to the victim who has been hospitalised since November 1st last with her injuries. They are also charged with false imprisonment of their victim.

Well known Cambodian artist and painter approached by a woman online expressing interest in her work

The woman who works for a Cambodian NGO is also a well-known freelance artist or painter.

She became a victim of the two men after they made an appointment with her to view her artwork and paintings at a restaurant in the Naklua area of Nong Prue on November 1st, first of all posing as a woman on a chat application until they finally turned up and lured her to a forests area and then back of an abandoned house where they inflicted horrendous injuries on the young woman.

This included binding her hands and feet with wire and duct tape, beating her with a hammer, cutting her in various places with cutting knifes and splashing acid on her genital area.

Police in their investigation so far have retrieved CCTV footage which shows the men scouting and reconnoitring the area where the attacks took place on October 31st clearly showing that this was a premeditated attack and that the Cambodian woman was the intended target.

Very serious injuries caused by blunt force trauma, knife wounds and acid left the woman hospitalised

The woman suffered serious injuries and has been receiving treatment at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital in the city where police this week debriefed her as the investigation continues.

Police are also reported to be looking to have an Interpol arrest warrant issued for the pair in relation to this criminal act.

The woman’s case has been taken up by well-known Thai lawyer and activist Sittha Biabangkerd also known as Lawyer Tam.

Police investigators have been able to retrieve CCTV footage of the men in Pattaya and in the vicinity where the heinous incident took place.

They also recovered latent fingerprints and DNA material from the scene of the attack.

Pattaya police have formally identified the two men as 31-year-old Mr Mateusz Piotr Krynicki and 22-year-old Mr Daniel Majewski.

Pattaya police say the two wanted Polish men arrived in the kingdom on October 20th last staying at a South Pattaya hotel, 12 days before the attack 

Police also recovered wire, glasses, cutter knives, hammers and duct tape from the scene of the crime which is important evidence in the case.

Officers in Pattaya led by Police Colonel Navin Sinthurat gave details of what they are describing as a pre-planned and coordinated attack on the woman which was carried out by two known criminals who flew into Thailand on October 20th last and stayed at a hotel on Pratumnak Hill in South Pattaya.

The victim of the attack has told police that she has received death threats previously from the ex-wife of her foreign boyfriend.

While police are still keeping an open mind, they believe that this was a well-planned attack on the woman and that the two men may have been hired to come to Thailand to carry it out.

They are looking closely at the victim’s relationship and believe that the attack may be linked to the threats of harm from her boyfriend’s former partner.

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