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PHOTO: Pattaya Dolphins United

Pattaya —

Pattaya Dolphins United Football Club decided to rebrand to “Pattaya United” in an auspicious bid to win big in the next season.

Pattaya Dolphins, the reigning champions of the Thai League 3 Eastern Region, recently underwent a major rebranding to revert to its former name, Pattaya United, in a bid to regain its past glory in the upcoming season.

The club chairman, Chokchai Thetpan, commented on the rebranding of Facebook, saying, “I want to repay the football fans who have supported our team in the past. We hope to bring the spirit of Pattaya football fans together to create a new legend and greatness.”

The club also has the next plan coming up which is to update and modernize its emblem to make it more dynamic and contemporary.

Chokchai said these changes will hopefully bring good luck to his team to enable it to reclaim greatness as in the past. “I will lead this team to success in the next season as a gift for every supporter,” the team leader said.


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