Hermès amazes Paris with a punk-chic collection


Hermès presented the fall winter 2023-2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week, stunning and reinventing itself without ever losing its elegance, refinement and originality.

On the one hand we have a sober and contemporary formality, on the other a profoundly transgressive and punk influence, which enhances the structure and shapes of garments with a classic taste.

hermes parigi

We like to call it punk-chic, a style that moves between precious materials such as silk, serge, cashmere, leather and which reaches new heights thanks to silhouettes with a sensual cut.

hermes parigi 2

The creative director of Hermès, Veronique Nichanian, overcomes any gender stereotype and brings a new masculinity to the catwalk, without limits and timeless, as demonstrated by the soundtrack of the fashion show, a Mozart symphony cadenced with a rap rhythm.

hermes parigi 3

Black calfskin marked with geometric patterns makes up wide-leg trousers and jogger-like with an urban flavor, half-zip shirts are combined with deerskin blouson, lamb shearling, trench coats and jackets that want to recall the structure of the uniforms, adorned with buttons, fasteners and silver hooks or which, on the other hand, show off special leather patches.

hermes parigi 7

Inevitable are the scarves, emblems of the French maison, and the bags, another Hermès flagship, of all those present in the fashion show, the most beautiful were the oversized ones, created starting from the shapes of the Birkin and available in a variety of materials including calfskin, crocodile and cowhide.

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