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Harbour Air Seaplanes joins forces with Maxamation’s Aviator Revenue Management Solution


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Harbour Air operates one of the largest seaplane fleets in the world over an extensive  network throughout British Columbia and into the USA.   With a forty year history, Harbour Air has become an essential part of life in British  Columbia, linking major cities with island and remote communities.  

Harbour Air is also a leader in innovation and completed the world’s first fully electric  commercial aircraft flight in 2019.  

Now, in 2022, Harbour Air is partnering with Maxamation to bring innovation to their  pricing and inventory control processes with the Aviator Revenue Management solution.  

Chad Wetsch, Executive Vice President from Harbour Air, drove the move to revenue  management: ‘As our airline grew, we needed to find smarter ways to price and manage our  extensive network. I looked for a partner who would bring international expertise to the  table and take the time to understand our unique business. Maxamation’s package of genuine partnership and a flexible, leading edge revenue management solution suited us  perfectly.’  

Peter Brewer, CEO of Maxamation said, ‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Harbour Air.  It’s a great product with unique differences that our team love getting their teeth into. We  know that together we can bring Harbour Air’s pricing and inventory management to a new  level, with clear revenue benefits for the airline.’  

Paul Harvalias, President of Maxamation Vancouver, is ‘delighted to be closely involved with  a brand that I grew up with. Harbour Air runs a unique, community focused business and I  enjoy working with them to add value. Aviator enables airlines to optimise their revenue  strategies and that is vitally important for growth and sustainability as airlines navigate  these challenging market conditions.’ 

Maxamation is a global IT provider to the Airline industry, providing cloud-based Revenue  Management. Aviator provides airlines with the ability to maximise flight revenue with an  easy to deploy, stable, powerful system that delivers proven revenue results.    

Maxamation is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with support centres and experienced  Revenue Management experts in Asia, South Africa, Europe and North America. The  company was founded in 1997. Aviator has continually evolved with the cloud-enabled  solution now being rolled-out across all forty existing customers, bringing state-of-the-art  technology to underpin the revenue management solution. 

Harbour Air was established in 1982 in British Columbia. Today, after 40 years in business,  the Harbour Air Group consisting of Harbour Air Seaplanes, Whistler Air and Saltspring Air  has become one of the largest all-seaplane airlines in the world.  A large component of the Harbour Air business model is passengers, but it is also a widely  popular option for getting freight 

shipped quickly, conveniently, and inexpensively  throughout the coast and specifically to more remote areas where the traditional mail  carriers have a difficult time accessing.  

Amongst other accolades, Harbour Air is recognized as a platinum member of Canada’s Best  Managed Companies, and a recipient of the Cumberbatch Award for Safety by the Air  Navigators Guild.  

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