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The world of perfume has always attracted very rich and intense sensations and perceptions.

Once you know the world of luxury perfumery, a new awareness will open up.

Finding out how much the sense of smell and fragrances can make us discover a new approach to the world of perfumes will be a pleasant surprise.

excellence magazine profumo francese sostenibile

French perfume: a new concept of luxury

There are exclusive houses that are renewing their approach to high perfumery without forgetting its roots.

A return to the artisan approach, with great respect for nature and the choice of raw materials are the two pillars of a new production process.

Selecting the raw materials, exploiting the experience of artisans and artists to make the most of each stage of processing but also obtaining an essential and environmentally friendly packaging become objectives to be achieved for the new sustainable luxury perfumery.

Atelier Materi is one of the flagships of this new generation of high-end French perfumery maison.

Its creator, Véronique Le Bihan, after a twelve-year career in the world of cosmetics and perfumes, has chosen to create a refined luxury brand, which will rediscover the roots of the world of essences.

Sustainable luxury fragrances: minimalist and contemporary stories

Atelier Materi starts with the rediscovery of individual materials and then combines them into structured and more complex fragrances, ready to amaze and make the public fall in love.

excellence magazine profumo lusso sostenibile

The aesthetic of the bottle recalls the minimalist minerality with the concrete cap that is worked entirely by hand, poured, polished and finished with an antique bronze patina.

Luxury is not just quality but also respect for the environment and great attention to fairness.

The fundamental pillar is the short supply chain. The raw materials are from Grasse, the bottle cap is produced in a laboratory in Brittany, the outer packaging is assembled near Paris.

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