Excellence Magazine Vol. 28


Luxury – what is it exactly?

Is it palpable and can it be quantified?

Or is it simply a moment stuck in time, an adventure beyond your comfort zone and the experience of rediscovering lost senses?

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Perhaps it is the witnessing of an essential element undergoing infinite transformation; of a shape, a color, a texture, a substance to delve deeper and deeper into,reminding us of the powerful and unequivocal feeling of rediscovering our humanity.

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We may not hold all the answers, however, we are buzzing with suggestions. After all, this is the blue edition, synonymous with trust and peacefulness. You are limitless, so please indulge and be inspired!

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You could take a panoramic ride aboard an exceptional automobile to a beautiful winery, or set sail in search of a remote location as you watch sapphire gradients turn into aquamarine.

@Carlo Borlenghi
@Carlo Borlenghi

What about the subtle touch of the most refined crafted fabrics as you gaze into a breathtaking painting?

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The potential for broadening your horizons persists and the opportunities to share these precious moments live within you, so go, drive, set sail towards these unique moments surrounded by whom and what you love, reclaim your unmeasurable right, responsibility and luxury!

1018 Christian Awe energetic 2019 Acryl auf Leinwand 105 x 210 cm

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