Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event, the worldwide reference event for Artistic Perfumery, is preparing its 13th edition which will be held from 30 March to 2 April 2023 in the spaces of Allianz MiCo, Milan Convention Centre, inside the heart of the CityLife District. The event, an exclusive showcase for the best designer perfume production, is ready to face future challenges and present itself to the international community of operators and enthusiasts in the name of the most authentic and sophisticated olfactory culture.

Esxence 2022_detail_© Gabriele Basilico
Esxence 2022_detail_© Gabriele Basilico

Numerous innovations, starting with the large participation of brands, more than 280, from 30 different countries, some of which are new entries, such as Kazakhstan, Singapore, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, as well as brands from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, UAE, Japan, Hungary and Hong Kong, to name a few.

To channel all useful information – such as the map of the exhibition space, the programme, the conference calendar, the list of brands and press releases – the updated and even more complete Esxence App will be available again this year.

The excellence of Artistic Perfumery will be represented by the historical and emerging parent companies. The brands are selected by the Technical Committee, made up of internationally known experts, based on the quality of the proposals and the distribution criteria.

Esxence is able to offer visitors only the best of author’s production, confirming Milan as a reference city in the sector. In over 8,000 square meters of MiCo, together with the Main Brands, the public of distributors, buyers, operators and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to get to know the Spotlight, emerging and innovative brands. Most of them (about 70%) come from abroad; this trend confirms Esxence as a prestigious and unique opportunity to be known on the international scene.

Esxence 2022_detail_© Gabriele Basilico
Esxence 2022_detail_© Gabriele Basilico

The concept that will accompany visitors in this new edition is IRIDESCENT. A verbal game that brings together the words Iridee Scent, which individually recall light and perfume, and together they create the concept of iridescence. Sight and smell enter into relationship. Just as sometimes looking through a ray of light it is possible to discover colors that were not visible until a moment before, in the same way through perfume we can experience unique sensations, perceive the world with a new sensibility.

Esxence 2023 IRIDESCENT

Visiting Esxence means allowing yourself to be crossed by olfactory memories, sensations that strike us and turn into emotions. The art of perfume creates new colors and Esxence intends to highlight them.

Esxence is a place of excellence for meeting and exchanging ideas, but it is also a space for business. Worldwide, the incidence of Artistic Perfumery on the global beauty market is still below 2%, but its incidence on alcoholic perfumery is continuously increasing, reaching points that average around 10% in many countries.

In our market, which certainly has the longest specific activity in the sector, it has reached important levels. In fact, in Italy, in 2022 the turnover volume of designer perfumery is estimated to be over 310 million euros, corresponding to 2.7% of the Italian beauty business on the domestic market, over 14% of the turnover of the perfumery channel and just over 30% of fragrance sales.

The “niche” perfumery is in the midst of a radical and rapid transformation, so profound as to alter the very way in which it is named; in fact, today it is preferred to define it as “artistic and research” perfumery.

Esxence is the worldwide reference event where high-level olfactory culture takes place, the most important and strategic players in the sector meet, new trends are decided and the most promising emerging brands make their debut. Every year we are able to offer our visitors the excellence of international perfumery production characterized by a high rate of research and innovation. Edition after edition we aim to grow and renew ourselves, treasuring past experience and analyzing the most important trends of the future, thanks to continuous research and selection work

says Maurizio Cavezzali, co-founder of Esxence and CEO of Equipe Exibit

This year we aim to consolidate the internationalization process started last year, thanks to the increasingly important collaboration with ICE, increasing our presence in the most strategic countries. Milan, which has become the capital of artistic perfumery worldwide in recent years, remains the fulcrum of the event for us and we are happy to be able to support the national cosmetics and perfume supply chain, as also demonstrated by our partnership with Milan Beauty Week and Cosmoprof

I am very pleased that the 13th edition of Esxence

says Silvio Levi, co-founder of the event

can confirm the extreme vitality of the sector at an international level. As President of the Technical Committee, I can confirm that there were many more requests to participate than last year and that, for brands that were approved but for which we didn’t have enough space, we had to create a large waiting list. In recent years, our sector has well demonstrated that it is resilient and able to make the most of the contingent situation, in renewing itself and not stopping innovation and creativity. Last year I stated that we were witnessing a new renaissance for artistic perfumery and I believe that this trend is largely confirmed, not only by the emergence of numerous new brands and creative proposals, but also by the increase in interest and demand from enthusiasts and new consumers worldwide. This is also highlighted by the flourishing of projects and activities related to the world of artistic perfumery, olfactory culture and the olfactory message, such as dedicated schools, perfumed art exhibitions, books, opportunities for the dissemination of olfactory culture. These positive signals are highlighted by the continuous monitoring that we have always maintained active with the Centro Studi Essencional

Conferenza stampa Esxence 2023
Conferenza stampa Esxence 2023


Experience Lab will also be held in the spaces of Allianz MiCo, Milano Convention Center, the reference appointment for research and excellence beauty in Italy, the first Italian event, open to sector operators and the public, which connects unique brands , selected on the basis of their excellence in the reference niche, with operators in the international perfumery and beauty sector. The event, born as a concrete response for a new type of consumer, digitized, interested in products other than the mass market or the best known brands, attentive to the concept and innovative contents, with this third edition continues to pursue the objective of giving visibility to the excellence of this sector and offer experiences, discoveries and insights.


Esxence aims to promote the most sought-after olfactory culture by offering its audience of professionals and enthusiasts an interesting calendar of meetings, workshops and olfactory itineraries open to operators and the public, held by international experts, scholars and researchers, including Michael Edwards, author of Fragrances of the Word, world encyclopedia of fragrances and Annick Le Guérer, anthropologist, historian and perfume expert.

This year’s initiatives will deal with highly topical issues such as the perception and diffusion of artistic perfumery in Eastern markets, with particular attention to China, creativity, diversity and inclusion in the field of perfumery, Artificial Intelligence, sustainability, smell education, the power of fragrances in everyday life as well as olfactory experiences to discover the most sought-after raw materials.

The Centro Studi Essencional will present the data from the Survey and the update of the Web Analysis in order to highlight how the sector is evolving and, through the analysis of research, conversations and keywords relating to artistic perfumery, intercept the signals of the evolution of the offer which represents the Research and Development of perfumery and which will feed, in the medium-long term, the whole sector with the definition of trends for the next decade.

Also for this edition, CFF Creative Flavors & Fragrances will actively participate with its own experiential laboratory, a moment eagerly awaited by professionals in the sector and enthusiasts, to be able to meet the protagonists of the universe of perfumery, and with their guidance to explore accords and raw materials. A presence that marks the link between the Fragrance House and the international fair of artistic perfumery.

The appointments are organized in collaboration with Essencional, the Study Center for Artistic Perfumery.

Also for this XIII edition Esxence will be able to count on partners of excellence such as Osmothèque, the unique and exclusive International Conservatory of Perfumes, Mouillettes & Co., a well-known Italian company that develops training and consultancy courses related to smell, Accademia del Profumo which provides to create an interactive installation that will tell the story of the olfactory families and the Art & Olfaction Awards, the international awards dedicated to artistic and independent perfumery. During Esxence the finalists of the award will be named, whose awards ceremony will be held next May in Los Angeles.

Each appointment on the events calendar is completely free and the conference room will be open to the public for all 4 days of the event.

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