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Destination NSW Unveils Resource To Capture Cruise Passenger Spending


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Destination NSW has developed a new tool to assist tourist economy businesses in capturing passenger expenditure in the state’s cruise port network.

The new handbook, developed in collaboration with the Port Authority of New South Wales, gives practical advice to help businesses design experiences and sell them through the cruise distribution network.

‘Quick Tips for Creating Cruise Shore Experiences’ connects tourist economy businesses such as excursions, attractions, restaurants, and retailers to the cruise market opportunity.

“The New South Wales Government is dedicated to reviving the cruise sector in important NSW regions and potential emerging destinations,” said NSW Tourism Minister Ben Franklin.

“Education, like the NSW First ‘Quick Tips for Creating Cruise Shore Experiences’ guide, is essential for increasing our capacity to cater to the cruise industry and capitalise on onshore experience expenditure in the tourist economy.”

Selling unique, tailored cruise experiences to cruise ship passengers at ports, raising awareness of the destination and its experiences, and encouraging high-value travellers to produce good word of mouth and plan future trips are just a few options for NSW destinations.

“NSW is Australia’s cruising hub, with nine thriving cruise terminals along its coast,” Mr Franklin said.

“According to Destination NSW data, about 20% of cruise guests return independently to ports visited on cruises, indicating the long-term boost that cruise shore experiences provide to regional tourist economies.”

Lana Wills, owner of Cat Balou Cruises in Eden, believes ‘Quick Tips for Creating Cruise Shore Experiences’ will be a helpful resource for providers looking to integrate cruise tourism into their business. The guide explains the connection between passengers, cruise ships, ground handlers, and suppliers in detail. “As a firm already involved in cruise tourism, we are frequently asked by others for guidance when considering developing products for this market.” It will be fantastic to now have a resource to refer to and share with our networks.”

‘Quick Tips for Creating Cruise Shore Experiences’ is a component of Destination NSW’s NSW First Program, which aims to assist tourist economy enterprises in developing, marketing, and selling exceptional visitor experiences.

“Thank you, Destination NSW – cruise provides more than $3 billion to the NSW economy and is a vital element of a strong tourist mix,” said Joel Katz, Managing Director Australia and Asia at Cruise Line International Association CLIA. “This is a fantastic resource for firms looking to enter the cruise industry.”

Source: Destination NSW

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