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Bonza Invites Australians To Name Its First Plane


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bonza airlines

bonza airlines

Bonza’s first plane touched down at Sunshine Coast Airport earlier this month; the company is now reaching out to the Australians for assistance in choosing a name.

The airline has made it clear that it is on the hunt for a nickname, and it has encouraged Australians to leave comments on the Fly Bonza social media accounts using their nicknames. Bonza’s Local Legends, a group of local ambassadors in some of the 17 places the airline will fly to, will vote on the finest of the lot.

Suggestions like “Sunny” (short for “Sunshine Coast”), “Purple Rippa,” “Bonza Bruce,” “Kimbo,” “Barbie,” “Sheila,” and “Steve” have been pouring in since the plane touched down on Monday (in memory of Sunshine Coast legend Steve Irwin). The names Mate, Kev, Bazza, Rocky (after one of the Bonza locations, Rockhampton), Beauty, and Digger are also frequently proposed (after our Aussie Diggers).

The arrival of the carrier’s first aircraft supports Bonza’s ongoing momentum with the regulatory process.

“With so much buzz around the country for Bonza, we hope this is as exciting for the communities we’ll be flying to,” Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza, said. “We are beyond excited to welcome our first aircraft to Sunshine Coast Airport.”

We are now one important step closer to connecting more Australians with convenient, low-cost travel options to more holiday destinations and to see loved ones. “Our team of legends have been working hard behind the scenes to reach this significant milestone, and so we needed to be all here to welcome flight AB 001 together.”

The aeroplane’s interior will be finished in Australia.

When Jordan added, “it seems only fitting that we return home our first aeroplane to have its final touches done on by Australians locally,” the sentiment was resounding.

The plane that landed will be used as a backup plane; this is an investment in the quality of service provided to customers and is in line with Bonza’s policy of avoiding disruptions whenever possible.

The post Bonza Invites Australians To Name Its First Plane appeared first on Travel Daily.

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