Beijing Airport Drops COVID-19 Test Requirement


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Beijing Capital International Airport, the busiest airport in China, no longer needs visitors to show a clean COVID-19 test result to board the plane, according to Reuters, citing Beijing News, a publication run by the Chinese Communist Party.

On December 6, 2022, the requirement was removed. No guidance was provided on whether departing travellers from Beijing airport may also depart without a COVID-19 test result.

After the pandemic, China’s entry standards remained among the tightest in the world, and the nation continues to follow the zero-COVID policy.

Due to China’s stringent regulations, the 2022 IATA annual conference, which was initially scheduled for June 2022 in Shanghai, was relocated to Qatar.

After residents voiced their dissatisfaction with China’s stringent COVID-19 restrictions, Beijing’s admission requirements were loosened.

After Chinese President Xi Jinping insisted that the nation will uphold its zero-COVID policy, citizens of the southern city of Guangzhou protested the government in November 2022.

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