A new challenge for Nico de Corato: 200 km of solo marathon


Sportsman, digital entrepreneur and video content creator.

Nico de Corato is an ultra marathon runner, tri-athlete and fat-biker with several solo sporting exploits to his credit.

His most well-known feat at the moment is a 140 km solo race that started from the Dubai desert on the occasion of the UAE National Day.

Excellence Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing him some time ago and getting to know his determination, his ability to prepare each challenge down to the smallest detail.

Nico has been preparing for his new sporting venture for months, which will see him engaged in a 200km solo ultra-marathon in two stages, from Jebel Jais (Ras al Khaimah) to the iconic arrival in Dubai at the famous Burj al Arab.

Nico de Corato 200 km solo run
Nico de Corato 200 km solo run

It is an important sporting challenge, which follows his previous exploits on tracks of 100 and 140 kilometers in the desert, always solo, but in a single stage.

His previous ventures have already had an unprecedented media following and this time too they will not miss their support among the others Sky Sport and Rai.

The departure is scheduled for Sunday morning 29 January 2023, with arrival in the afternoon of Monday 30 January at the Burj Al Arab.

Nico de Corato - Kite Beach Running
Nico de Corato – Kite Beach Running

Nico a new challenge and the pleasure of meeting you again, what is your goal?

As you know challenges are part of my life, this time I want to create an extreme sporting feat to encourage the practice of sport, not only for professional athletes.

It will also be an opportunity to showcase the beauty and variety of landscapes of the UAE, my second home.

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