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A floating pirate ship-themed restaurant owner has issued a statement after the ship was heavily damaged by strong winds and waves.

Our previous story:

The ship, known as the Krakenian, has been very popular since it opened late last year and had been getting spectacular reviews by visitors. Last month on January 30th, strong winds and waves caused the vessel to heavily lean to one side.

Now for the update:

Yesterday (February 3rd) the ‘KraKenian The Private Of Pattaya’ Facebook Page has issued the statement below.

“On January 30th, 2023 the KraKenian Pattaya ship was parked in the sea for safety checks. The ship was not being serviced during that time. One of the water pumps was broken. There were strong winds and waves that hit the ship. Sea water then leaked into the ship from the back left side. The water pump was unable to remove water from the ship.”

“This caused the ship to lean on the left side. There were no injuries. Due to the incident, for safety as a top concern, the owner has decided to temporarily close the restaurant while the problem is being fixed and make sure it’s safe before we will consider reopening again at a later date. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”


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