Two Pattaya Residents Suffer Serious Injuries in Motorbike Collision – The Pattaya News



Pattaya —

Two Pattaya residents were rushed to a local hospital this morning following a collision between their vehicles on a road in South Pattaya.

At 03:30 AM, March 23rd, Sawang Boriboon rescue services assisted two unidentified traffic accident victims in South Pattaya. The unidentified victims, an elderly man, and a teenager, both sustained serious injuries. The old man who drove a black Yamaha M-Slaz motorbike somehow got his head trapped under a sedan. The teenager who drove a grey Honda Wave was barely breathing as he lay nearby on the road.

The two were rushed to the nearest hospital by rescuers. A sedan driver, Mr. Komkyou Sida, 34, told The Pattaya News that he saw both victims attempting to overtake one another. Their motorbikes then suddenly collided and crashed into the front of his car. The old man slid under the car and got stuck there.


The two are recovering at a local hospital. Pattaya Police are examining CCTV footage to find the exact cause of the collision.


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