Truffles and excursions in the Luxury Resort of Piedmont Casa di Langa


The heat of this season seems to give no respite or know stops.

Fortunately, for those wishing to find refuge from the heat wave, there is a perfect place, in which to combine relaxation, well-being and the pleasure of discovery.

It is called Casa di Langa and it is the luxury resort in Alta Langa wanted by the American tycoon Kyle J. Krause, already known for being the owner of Parma Calcio.

The truffle park and luxury green excursions

The resort owner has chosen to offer a very special service to his guests: an excursion to hunt truffles.

The Alta Langa in fact allows you to find the highly prized truffle in every season of the year, naturally only in the company of the inevitable Lagotto, a dog specially trained to find truffles.

excellence magazine tartufi casa di langa

More specifically, as the most experts will know, in this period it is possible to find the precious Tuber Macrosporum, commonly called black smooth.

Kyle J. Krause has planted oaks, lime trees, white poplars and several other tree species suitable for recreating the most suitable habitat for truffles, thus creating a real truffle park.

While waiting for the trees in the park to grow, the lucky guests of the Casa di Langa will be able to join the boys of Bianco Tartufi, who, together with their trusty Lagotti, will accompany those who want to in the wooded part of the resort in search of the finest tubers.

From the forest to the table

After the excursion, the guests of the Casa di Langa could find themselves tasting the wonderful truffle in one of the chef’s dishes.

His name is Daniel Zeilinga and, after years of experience alongside chef Enrico Crippa in Piazza Duomo, he has chosen to propose his own idea of ​​cooking.

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Typical dishes and raw materials of the highest quality come together in unexpected flavors; very interesting is its vegetable menu, which will bring guests back to the woods, even with the palate.

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