Tribute to Piero – the Brera artists celebrate Piero Manzoni


A tribute to Piero Manzoni, to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of his death in his studio in via Fiori Chiari, 16. The citizen of Brera known to the general public and internationally appreciated was remembered and celebrated by a large group of artists and friends.

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The initiative promoted by Stefano Pizzi and Graziano Zecchillo paid homage to Piero Manzoni with an installation made up of the works-testimonies of all the artists who participated in the evening.

Manzoni, an artist of great value for collectors, scholars and art historians, marked a fundamental point in the history of contemporary art.

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A free and provocative spirit, Piero Manzoni (Soncino, 1933 – Milan, 1963) was an artist of inexhaustible energy and creativity who always tried to push the potential of art to the limits of what was possible. Thanks to his work, the Cremonese artist always knew how to be talked about, he impressed visitors, gallery owners and collectors, conquering the place of icon in Western culture.

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The exhibition will be followed by a relative publication enriched not only by the images of the works on display, but also by author’s writings, attestations, poetic compositions.

Chicco Sabbatella

Tribute to Piero

Tribute To Piero

Studio Zecchillo, ex atelier of Piero Manzoni, via Fiori Chiari,16  20121 Milano

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