The Sensy Lounge® a place to reconnect with one's self and achieve prolonged well-being


What is meant by well-being? How to achieve it and keep it for as long as possible?

It was precisely to answer these questions that Sensy® was born, an innovative start-up and benefit company – as well as a premium brand – which aims to revolutionize the concept of multi-sensory well-being and promote a better psycho-physical balance of soul-body-spirit, helping to improve the life of its guests and that of the surrounding environment.

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The protocol of the project was designed with the intention of promoting long-term well-being for the person and consequently an improvement in general health conditions. With its first project, The Sensy Lounge®, the brand’s first flagship in Milan, in the very central Via Durini, Sensy® aims to promote the balance of soul-body-spirit through the coordinated and harmonious involvement of our five primary senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

Well-being does not mean a static or passive situation, but rather a continuous and active investigation. Indeed, well-being goes beyond physical health and involves many spheres, from the mental, emotional, spiritual, to the social and environmental. The ideal condition of balance for a good quality of life must be conquered by putting yourself on the line.

The Sensy Lounge® bases its philosophy on the concept of multi-sensory well-being aimed at acquiring awareness of what each of us needs to feel good.

But what is The Sensy Lounge®?

Difficult to find a definition for a method that skilfully mixes meditation and yoga, massage techniques, aroma and chromotherapy to offer its guests unprecedented individual paths of multi-sensory well-being. An immersive and enveloping journey to rediscover one’s uniqueness to better enjoy the “here and now”, with the aim of acquiring progressive awareness of one’s state of well-being.

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Accompanied by the Sensy Coach who is able to evaluate and identify each person’s psycho-physical well-being needs, the Guest will be able to enjoy a tailor-made path of sensory experiences that changes from session to session based on the individual’s evolution

Fifty minutes of time are needed to immerse yourself in the path of coordinated and functional stimulation of four of the five senses.

For olfactory stimulation Sensy has prepared, in collaboration with professional aroma therapists, twenty-five different types of synergies, each composed of different essential oils, “The Sensy Sinergies”.

The tactile stimulation takes the form of a massage chosen from among fifty different possible types (relaxing, decontracting, energizing) and the multi-sensory bed, which welcomes the guest, is also capable of generating well-being through the emission of vibrations capable of stimulating different parts of the body.

The view is involved and stimulated within the room experience thanks to the chromotherapy bed. Colors, intensity and chromatic frequency vary and combine in a harmonious and never random way.

Hearing is linked to a suite of personalized meditations, chosen from seventy-five possible sequences with binaural music at 432 Hertz and relative guiding voice. The sound landscapes are original compositions specially created with the precise aim of creating real sound films to accompany the individual meditations. The Sensy Coach will always define with the guest whether to opt for music alone or the combination of music with meditation and guiding voice.

After the session inside the experience room, for the stimulation of the fifth and last sense – taste -, the guest will be able to savor one of the fifteen possible synergies of flavors proposed in the form of infusions and herbal teas, in a dedicated area and in an extremely relaxing context.

Each guest of The Sensy Lounge is monitored over time through indicators of the person’s psycho-physical state and constant contact with the Sensy Coach  will allow them to acquire ever greater awareness of their state of well-being, promoting a more balanced lifestyle.

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Sensy® was born from the intuition, courage, creativity and an innate aptitude for innovation of Lucia Fracassi, founder and administrator of the brand, future-oriented experience manager with dynamism, ethics and credibility, who has been able to shape the own vision together with partners Enrico Rocca and Mara Rossi.

An entrepreneurial idea that develops thanks to the ability to combine skills, experiences and experiences, finding synergies and common points of view starting from the observation of reality and what surrounds us.

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