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Nissan 350Z drivers are a passionate breed, and despite the fact that no new models of the car have been produced since 2009, it still has a die-hard fan base who just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Thanks to its impressive responsiveness, powerful acceleration and stellar performance, it remains a quality choice even today, and still looks every inch the stylish sports car that it did in its heyday. And, because there are now a range of upgrade options available for the car’s stock components that promise to take them from average to hero with relative ease, it’s now an even more appealing choice for motoring enthusiasts than it has been over the past 13 years.

Intrigued? Here, the motoring experts at Empire Performance take a look at the four best Nissan 350Z mods you can buy today to elevate your favourite set of wheels to dizzying new heights.

Modern sports coupe car Nissan 350z parked on main transport highway in Lithuanian resort town Palanga
The Nissan 350Z is an old-school muscle car for grown-ups. Image credit: chasdesign/

Performance exhausts

One of the guaranteed ways to improve the Nissan 350Z’s performance is to upgrade some of the exhaust components. Replacing the stock exhaust with a maximum flow cat back exhaust will give you much better power at the top end – and it will also sound a hell of a lot better too. If you want to turn heads, it’s an easy place to start, and you won’t be able to help but feel the benefits when you take it out for its next drive.

Coilover suspension

350Z enthusiasts should consider upgrading the factory suspension with an MCA pro-comfort coilover. This upgraded performance suspension has the power to transform the handling as well as the aesthetics of the car completely. Not only that, but it’ll also make your daily drive much more comfortable overall – and the adjustable height feature that comes with a coilover suspension is an added bonus.

Nissan 350Z on the background of motorcycles
The Nissan 350Z first entered production in 2002 and is the successor to the hugely popular Nissan 300ZX. Image credit: Amor26/

Clutch kits

If you’re planning on taking your Nissan 350Z to track days, an organic performance clutch should be a major consideration. The best of the best is the Mantic Track Twin Organic Cushioned Sprung clutch kit, which offers better power, improved torque capability, elevated quality and better performance overall – making it a no brainer if you’re looking to make improvements in any of these areas and a great way to tick a whole host of boxes at once.


The factory 350Z headers are quite restrictive if you’re serious about power and sound – but replacing them with stainless steel extractors can give you up to an additional 15HP as well as an aggressive deep sound that many motoring enthusiasts love. This fantastic performance upgrade for the Nissan 350Z is also one of the most popular, and promises to improve the driving experience as a whole.

If you’ve got the budget and the passion to turn your stock 350Z into a finely tuned performance beast, start with these top four Nissan 350Z mods. Check out Empire Performance for some great options for all of these components, which can be ordered online today.

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