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THAI increases Singapore flight frequencies



Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) will increase Bangkok- Singapore roundtrip flight frequencies from 21 to 28 flights per week starting 12 December 2022 to serve the increasing booking.


Flight details are as follows:

1) TG403 from Bangkok at 08.00 hours to Singapore at 11.15 hours (local time) and

TG404 from Singapore at 12.25 hours (local time) to Bangkok at 13.45 hours

2) TG413 from Bangkok at 11.30 hours to Singapore at 14.50 hours (local time) and

TG414 from Singapore at 15.55 hours (local time) to Bangkok at 17.15 hours

3) TG407 from Bangkok at 12.50 hours to Singapore at 16.10 hours (local time) and

TG408 from Singapore at 18.15 hours (local time) to Bangkok at 19.35 hours

4) TG409 from Bangkok at 16.35 hours to Singapore at 19.55 hours (local time) and

TG410 from Singapore at 21.00 hours (local time) to Bangkok at 22.20 hours

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