Tell us the whole truth!


One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the dramatic prospect of an escalation of the war, a powerful voice rises from the conscience of the peoples towards the great powers: “Tell us the whole truth! what are we getting into?”

The deadly dripping of children, old people and innocent people in Ukraine is wrong!

The constant reprisals, threats and mutual intimidation between the two contenders are wrong!

Guerrilla actions, with blackmail and heinous crimes against civilians, are wrong!

Invading a country, violating the principles of international law, is wrong.

But, in the face of so many horrors, why do we continue on this path, which could suddenly plunge us into the atomic abyss? To then discover that the US and Russia are teaming up in space to save a small spacecraft with 3 astronauts.

Are we joking?

And the hundreds of dead, young lives, sacrificed every day, on both sides of the conflict, don’t they deserve attention? Is it still meat (human!) for slaughter, as in the first two world wars? Must the tragedies of human history be repeated?

We can no longer accept everything that is subtly imposed on us, without fully understanding what the real interests at stake are, hidden, underground, hidden, dirty, for the benefit only of the great powers and the totalitarian regimes that govern them!

Tell us the whole truth!

The dynamics of world geopolitics, with the various protagonists who want to grab natural resources and impose growing territorial spheres of influence for their own exclusive, albeit undeclared, strategic interests, appear increasingly evident and, in a certain sense, paradoxically, even inevitable.

But why go further? Why crush the freedom and right to live of every human being? Why not impose compromises, even territorial ones, between Putin’s Russia and Zelensky’s Ukraine. In any case, neither of the two contenders will be able to achieve a complete victory, but in the long run both will emerge exhausted and defeated, risking plunging humanity into a world war, the third, an atomic war, therefore with no return, with the end of history and of human civilization!

A compromise is required, without further postponements and delays!

Utopia? But what else is left for us to ask and hope for?

It is enough to calculate the costs/benefits of this last year of war to understand that the accounts do not add up to any citizen, European or non-European, to any family, to any community!

If, on the contrary, by mere hypothesis, these accounts should, unfortunately, only benefit the great powers, perhaps dictatorships, it will mean that we have all been deceived with the story of values and that the “true” truth about this war, was never told, because it was just a dirty power play.

Faites pas vos jeaux!!!

Luigi Lauro

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