SKY express has maximum rise in flying operations across Europe in 2022


SE Eurocontrol visual 1

SKY express is emerging as the European company with the highest increase in flight operations in 2022 according to Eurocontrol data. Specifically, SKY express showed an 162% increase in traffic this year compared to 2019, which puts the company in the first place among all European airlines.

At the same time, according to the Friday network fact published on 18/11/2022, SKY express, with 119 daily flights, ranks 38th on the list of busiest carriers throughout the European Network.

This development confirms the strong growth potential of SKY express, which is now recognized on international level by leading organizations in the aviation sector. A dynamic based on good preparation, analysis of market trends, continuous investment in security, innovation, human resources.

It is indicative that despite the impressive increase of its flight operations, SKY express did not cancel a single flight throughout the summer period, while thanks to Skyserv, the ground handling company of the IOGR Group to which SKY express belongs, recorded the comparatively fewer problems, during a very difficult period for all airports in Europe.

By flying higher every day, SKY express will continue to lead the development in the aviation sector, supporting the Greek economy, Greek tourism and especially the travelling public by providing competitive and high-quality services.

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