Qatar Airways to hire 10,000 employees for World Cup 2022


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Qatar Airways is looking to hire at least 10,000 staff as part of World Cup 2022 preparations. The hiring is to ensure Qatar Airways is prepared to handle the inflow of passengers for the football tournament and to accommodate the post-pandemic expansion.

The airline is looking to take its workforce to more than 55,000 from its current number of 45,000. To facilitate the hiring, various recruitment events have been taking place across countries like Philippines, India and others.

It was also mentioned that 70% of Qatar Airways’ schedule will be adjusted to meet the requirements of the additional flights to Doha facilitating the travel of the tournament fans.

Other airlines will significantly increase flights to Qatar, which has reopened an old airport for the event. “It will be a huge challenge to be able to manage this very fast-moving demand for very large numbers of spectators,” Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al-Baker told reporters earlier this year.

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