Porsche: the new electric model is coming


His name is Oliver Blume and he is the CEO of Porsche.

He himself, on the occasion of Capital Market Day 2022, announced the imminent arrival of a new electric SUV from Porsche.

According to Blume’s statements, the new model will want to conquer the luxury SUV market segment.

Luxury and electric mobility, therefore, a combination that is increasingly guiding the choices of the largest automotive brands in the world.

Porsche and luxury electric mobility

The green turning point of the brand is a path that unfolds in different phases and goes by objectives.

Indeed, Oliver Blume has announced the arrival of the 100% electric versions of the Macan from 2023 and of the 718 Cayman from 2025.

The medium-term goal is to be able to offer electric Porsche models so captivating as to represent 80% of the total vehicles delivered by 2030.

The next stage of this journey, which points to a real green turning point in the Porsche luxury car sector, is represented by the marketing of the new all-electric Macan SUV.

Not just cars: the commitment to respect the planet also comes from other important changes.

In fact, the Porsche brand is implementing preparatory actions to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire value chain by 2030.

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The success of luxury electric Porsches

The brand was one of the first to offer its public a fully electric range.

The turning point began with the launch, followed by the great success in terms of sales and reviews, of the first fully electric sports car, the Taycan, arrived 2019.

Taycan which in less than three years has already become the best seller of the house, ousting the iconic 911.

From 2019 to 2021, deliveries of the electric Taycan model more than doubled, consolidating a success and a relationship of full trust between the lucky customers and the Porsche brand.

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