Pattaya Tourist Police Arrest Restaurant Worker for Allegedly Stealing Customer's Phone – The Pattaya News


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Pattaya —

A restaurant worker was arrested by Pattaya Tourist Police yesterday, January 17th, for allegedly stealing a customer’s phone.

The victim, only identified as Ms. Sasiwan, went to report her missing phone to Pattaya police on January 15th at 10:40 PM. The victim said her phone, which distinctively had a $100 US banknote picture on the back of her phone case, disappeared while she was dining at an unnamed restaurant on January 14th.

The police began an investigation and quickly discovered one person of interest. Pattaya authorities told The Pattaya News this person tried to sell a phone, which was identical to the victim’s phone, to a phone store. The police then searched for the suspect’s residence and arrested her.

The suspect, identified as Ms. Prathumma Kasemsap, denied all allegations, but police found a phone with a $100 US banknote case inside her house. Police said the suspect worked at the restaurant where the victim’s phone vanished.

The suspect was charged with theft. The name of the restaurant was not given by Pattaya Police to the press.


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