Passport Legacy opens office in Singapore


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Passport Legacy, a Swiss boutique firm with over 25 years of combined experience in the investment migration industry, has officially opened its sixth office in Singapore. The inauguration ceremony took place at 20 Collyer Quay, Singapore on  3 October 2022, with Jeffrey Henseler, Founder and Managing Partner of Passport Legacy UAE HQ, unveiling the global company’s newest location. The company’s international growth comes on the heels of its second office opening in Nigeria last month.

This Singapore expansion adds to Passport Legacy’s portfolio of locations in Pakistan, Lagos, Beirut, Abuja, and its Dubai headquarters. The Abuja location is the company’s second office in Nigeria, as its Lagos office was first opened in 2020. Through its Singapore location, Passport Legacy will advise and guide Asia-based clients on how to obtain an alternative residency or citizenship in countries with attractive Residence-by-Investment (RBI) or Citizenship-by- Investment (CBI) programs.

Asia’s population of 3.6 billion people contributes to its stature as a region that yields the highest economic growth. Most countries within this continent are still considered developing nations that have fragile political systems in place, and people are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with political tensions, as well as the benefits of freedom of mobility, access to healthcare, and education among others. Passport Legacy’s Singapore office will accordingly help facilitate a backup plan for such individuals who are seeking to build a portfolio of residence or citizenship.

Jeffrey Henseler, founder and managing partner of Passport Legacy, UAE HQ, said: “These recent expansions are representative of significant progress for the company and the investment migration industry. We are excited to begin working with new markets to help more people successfully secure RBI and CBI. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we ‘open borders’ for everyone who has the means and capabilities to secure a second passport. With Singapore being both a financial hub and international business center in Asia, we will leverage our newest location to provide advice to our clients and network of professional intermediaries that will set them up for sustained success.”

Passport Legacy’s Singapore office will enable its Asia-based clients to meet with the company’s advisors on a more frequent basis, offering the benefit of sound advice and consistent guidance. Clients will also be able to rely on Passport Legacy’s network of professionals to create strong and long-term relationships that foster convenience in the form of proximity. The globally expanding company will use Singapore to primarily reach out to Southeast Asian countries with growing economies including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and ultimately Singapore.

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