Oceania Cruises Introduces New Innovative Bar Program


Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line, is reaching new heights of innovation and diversity with the launch of an upgraded, inventive bar programme aboard the 1,200-guest Vista, which will debut on 20 May 2023.

The first of the line’s Allura Class ships, Vista, will introduce cutting-edge cocktail-making innovations like flavoured smoke bubbles, a wide variety of low- and no-sugar wines and zero-proof cocktails, Negronis aged in wooden barrels, and speciality beverage carts like the Bubbly Bar and Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar.

Oceania Cruises President and CEO Howard Sherman said, “At Oceania Cruises, we consistently aim to raise the bar on every area of our luxury cruise experience, with food and beverage at the top of the list.” With Vista’s innovative take on the best food at sea and its dazzling selection of restaurants serving anything from casual fare to gourmet extravaganzas, it’s only fitting that we create a bar programme to match. Our staff have gone above and above by adding additional spirits, a wide variety of mocktails, new matching menus, and the debut of The Moet & Chandon Champagne Experience.

“I worked hand in hand with our culinary team to introduce naturally sourced components to our cocktail-creating processes, such as the fabrication of handcrafted syrups and reductions,” said Daniella Oancea, Oceania Cruises’ corporate beverage manager. “A drink on Vista will be an experience in and of itself, from the elegance of seeing a talented bartender smoke an old fashioned to the tableside creation of an espresso martini.”

Immersive, unique beverage options, such as The Bubbly Bar, which will serve exclusive Champagne cocktails, and The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar, where visitors may DIY their ideal brunch accompaniment, will be a cornerstone of Vista’s bar programme. Moreover, guests will enjoy the following:

You won’t find anything like the Casino Mixology Bar anywhere else on Vista; it’s a completely original take on the art of the cocktail. Serving premade Negronis fresh from the barrel and fantastic “Flavour Blaster Gun” drinks topped with vapour-filled bubbles with fragrant tastes, the bar is sure to become famous on social media platforms like Instagram.

Martinis, Oceania Cruises’ signature bar onboard, is reviving its eponymous drink with a new spirits selection of Mermaid Gin and Vodka, made on the Isle of Wight using sustainably sourced botanicals. The new martini menu offers a selection that pays tribute to Hollywood’s biggest names, like Lady Hepburn, Bogart’s Casablanca, Blue Eyes Sinatra, and Notorious Bond.

New drink options, including creative cocktails made with Amari (Italian herbal digestif liqueur)s and other ready-to-drink Italian selections like Crodino, San Pellegrino drinks, and Campari sodas, will be introduced at the ship’s popular Baristas.

Vista’s modern beverage innovations complement the cuisine superbly. The Finest Cuisine at Sea is complemented by a wide variety of guilt-free and artisanal dishes that take a new approach.

The Aquamar Kitchen, a new onboard concept specialising in light and healthy fare, will have low- and no-alcohol beverage alternatives. Lyre, the world’s largest manufacturer of non-alcoholic spirits, will bring its Dry London Gin, American Malt Whiskey, White Cane Spirit Rum, and Amalfi Spritz, all made from natural ingredients to Vista. Aquamar Kitchen’s drink menu includes cocktails such as the Skinny Mimosa, Innocent Kir, Pure Amalfi Spritz, Passion Fruit Colada, Dark and Spicy, and NO-Groni, in addition to sophisticated non-alcoholic “wines” from Pierre Zéro.

Ember is Oceania Cruises’ newest and most innovative restaurant, with a menu of modern American dishes and classics. Wines, beers, ryes, bourbons, and speciality cocktails like the California Dreaming, First Avenue, Sicilian Godfather, and Tennessee Nights are all available here to complement the cuisine.

Unique cocktails with Asian flavours like ginger, turmeric, coriander, and lychee will be available at Red Ginger, Oceania Cruises’ amazing Pan-Asian venue. Other drinks at Red Ginger include Asian beers and a selection of sake varieties. Tokyo Whisper, Oriental Pear Mule, Asia Daisy, Namaste, and Hanoi Nights are just some new beverages you need to taste.

Creative Alliances, Perfect Pairings Nowadays, we automatically associate Menus of Champagne with the most fascinating, joyous, and amazing times in our life. A stunning new matching experience was introduced with the release of Vista.

The Dom Pérignon Experience, a signature Oceania Cruises experience since 2019, will be showcased on Vista as part of the intimate dining venue Privée.

The six-course tasting menu is a must-have meal for every connoisseur of Champagnes and all true gourmands. Each of the three Champagne vintages is effortlessly paired with two courses which are specifically crafted to bring out the nuances of the grapes and the ratio of the blend, playing off every aspect from subtle, effervescent nose to lively, satisfying finish. Courses include scallops Rossini with mole negro followed by black truffle risotto, Brittany blue lobster in a yellow curry broth with coconut foam, seared sashimi-style wagyu beef with octopus’ tempura, culminating with Sakura tea geisha flower ice cream topped with lemon caviar.

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