Man Crashes Motorbike Into Parked Pattaya Taxi – The Pattaya News



Pattaya —

A Thai motorcyclist crashed into the back of a taxi that was parked on the side of a Pattaya road, waiting for customers.

At 03:30 AM yesterday, April 1st, Sawang Boriboon rescuers assisted a seriously injured traffic victim, Mr. Thatchapornsit Chirasathirakul. The 31-year-old man had crashed his black Honda Move into the back of a taxi that was parked on Pattaya Second Road and suffered multiple injuries.

After giving the man basic first aid, the rescuers rushed Thatchapornsit to a nearby hospital. Mr. Surin Khaosaard, the 66-year-old taxi driver, gave an interview with The Pattaya News stating that he was parking his taxi on the side of the road to wait for passengers when the victim suddenly rear-ended him. The taxi’s rear was considerably damaged.


The victim is recovering at a local hospital.

There are no reports of legal charges being pressed as of press time although police are investigating the cause of the incident.


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