Luxury home exchange: Thirdhome arrives


The love for luxury and the desire to spend a dream vacation are two elements that unite many people around the world.

To give these passions a new dimension, under the banner of sustainable luxury tourism, Thirdhome was created with the aim of creating the first community of owners of high-level second homes.

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Home exchange: how it works

It is a real private club that allows, through the exchange of their respective homes, to be able to experience only the highest level travels and experiences anywhere in the world.

Thirdhome has also arrived on the Italian market with a very simple mechanism: the owners communicate and make available the time they do not spend in their second luxury home and can thus access about fourteen thousand exclusive residences.

The average expense?

About 700 euros per week, much less than the list prices for the rental of properties of this kind.

Thirdhome: luxury all over the world

Currently, the portfolio of the brand founded by Wade Shealy in 2010 includes 1,700 destinations in 98 countries around the world.

They range from enchanting mountain chalets to incredible yachts ready to sail the seas, from huge oceanfront villas to the most exclusive country mansions.

Any kind of wish will be fulfilled.

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Mexico, USA, Croatia, Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland and Thailand, as well as Italy, of course, are just some of the most popular and available destinations for those who want to approach the holiday home exchange formula.

The new home sharing philosophy allows you to rent your home to qualified people; there are also real group excursions planned by Thirdhome to grow affection for the community.

To become a member of the Thirdhome Exchange it is necessary to own a second home with a minimum market value of $ 500,000,

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