Local Fishing Accident Results in Hundreds of Dead Fish Being Found on Bang Saen Beach – The Pattaya News


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Chonburi —

The Chonburi Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) has confirmed that hundreds of dead fish previously washed up on Bang Saen Beach were the result of a local fishing boat accident.

A massive number of dead fish were reported having been washed up on Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi on March 11th, prompting an immediate investigation between the DMCR and the Upper Gulf of Thailand Coastal Resources Research and Development Center, DMCR deputy director-general, Mr. Apichai Ekwanakul, revealed to local media.

He said the fish was mostly the same species of Anodontostoma Chacunda, also known as the shortnose gizzard shad, and they were of similar size, leading to an initial assumption that they might have escaped from a fishing trap.

The municipality of Saensuk has taken action to collect all the fish carcasses from Bang Saen Beach, with a total weight of about 8,000 kilograms.

Apichai disclosed that after an investigation among the local fishing community, he found that the fish had escaped from a torn fishing net and had been swept away by the wind and waves towards the beach.

“The boat operators have already been instructed to be more cautious during their fishing operations,” the director-general stated.

A water quality test is being conducted to investigate other factors that may be involved in the incident to reassure local residents.


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