IWTA speaks with Gai Tyrrell – Managing Director Australasia at Globus family of brands


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IWTA speaks with Gai Tyrrell

Managing Director Australasia at Globus family of brands


Born and raised in Melbourne, Gai Tyrrell is living proof that grit and hard work pay off. She wanted to get into the travel industry after leaving school. Thus, she ditched uni and worked for Qantas.

For those who know her, Gai Tyrrell is a force! An anecdote about her says that she produced 150 reasons why she had to work for Qantas and started to read them out in her interview. She didn’t stop until she was given the role of sales consultant!

After 13 fruitful years in Qantas, she worked for other travel companies like Jetset Travelworld Group, Sabre, and Hawaiian Airlines. Currently, she is the managing director for Australasia of Globus family of brands.


Like many young people nowadays, Gai struggled to know where her passion lies when she was still in school. She convinced her parents to take a gap year (when it wasn’t even a thing back then) to work and travel.

As the old adage goes, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. At the end of her gap year, she boarded the flight to Melbourne for Christmas and was greeted by the flight attendant saying, “G’day! Welcome home.” For Gai, that was the exact moment that she knew what she wanted to do. That was the start of Gai’s illustrious 20+ years in the airline and travel industry.

When asked what travel means to her, she says, “Personally, travel means a lot of fun, but most of all, it has been my absolute education. I’ve learned so much of what I know through travelling the world since I was a very young girl. Professionally, travel means fulfilling people’s dreams.

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