Great participation of authorities and the public at the presentation of the book by Roberto D'Elia from Eboliano “formation 4.0”


Eboli. Corporate culture. Great participation of authorities and the public at the presentation of the book by Roberto D’Elia from Eboliano “formation 4.0”. Unanimous consensus on the value of a work that revolutionizes the method in the field of business training, research, innovation and economic development.

Civil and institutional authorities, authoritative exponents of politics, representatives of the business, financial and information world, business consultants, from the province of Salerno and other Italian regions of the North, Center and South, professionals and numerous citizens crowded, Saturday morning, at Eboli, the Sala Mangrella of the San Francesco Monumental Complex, decreeing the triumphant success also of the last stage of the 2022 tour of presentations – after similar public and press statements, in Salerno, Oderzo, and Rome, in Senate! – of the book by Roberto D’Elia from Ebolita, “Formazione 4.0: il futuro”, published, in two versions in Italian and English, by GoldenGate Edizioni of Rome.

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Senator Raffaele Lauro, curator of the work, introduced and moderated, with specific references, the debate organized by Leonardo S.r.l., Casa Editrice and FenImprese Salerno, emphasizing the unanimous consensus, found at all levels, on the value of a work that revolutionizes the method, in the field of corporate training, research, innovation and business development, in the face of the technological challenges of the future. Giancarlo Presutto, sole director of Leonardo S.r.l., welcomed the guests and illustrated the growing role of the company in consultancy, on a national level, for companies and public administrations, as well as the development and expansion plans for the next two years.

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Great interest and applause aroused the institutional interventions of Mario Conte, mayor of Eboli, of Franco Alfieri, new president of the Province of Salerno and of Attilio Pierro, member of Parliament, all of whom, in addition to praising the professional commitment of their illustrious fellow citizen, hoped that the new training methodologies developed by D’Elia should also involve the public sector, in the center and in the periphery, in the state, regional, provincial and municipal systems.

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For his part, Ezio Camerini, president of FenImprese Salerno, confirmed the commitment of his employers’ association to promote the widespread dissemination of the work.

Of great interest, ethical-cultural, fiscal and in the field of scientific research, the subsequent interventions of the authoritative speakers: Antonio Manzo, journalist; Matteo Ferrara, accountant, and Luca Sgroia, president of CRAA – Improsta Regional Experimental Agricultural Company. Stimulating, relevant and incisive, the conclusions, before the Author’s thanks, by Andrea Volpe, regional councilor, who also intended to illustrate the legislative initiatives, in the field of training, launched by the Campania Region.

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On the edge of emotions, Roberto D’Elia’s expressions of thanks, addressed to the moderator, to the authorities all who intervened, to his fellow citizens, to the speakers, to his collaborators, first of all to Presutto, to his family and friends from Rome and from Oderzo, also outlining the 2023 program for the promotion of his manual, in Italy and abroad.

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During the event, issue zero of the online magazine, “LeoNews”, was distributed, published by Leonardo srl and directed by the journalist Antonio Elia, which contains, among other things, two brilliant profiles of young entrepreneurs: that of the Roman perfumes of excellence, Mauro Lorenzi, creator of the successful brand “Mauro Lorenzi Profumi”, present at the event, and that of Claudio D’Alessio, founder & CEO of the brand “Green Jim”.

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