Good clothes fair pay: the campaign for sustainable wages in the fashion world


70 million people: here are the numbers of workers in the fashion industry in the world.

Speaking of workers, however, the problems emerge: 80% of this staff is made up of women who are often exploited and underpaid.

Exploitation forces these women to live on the verge of poverty and the pandemic has greatly aggravated this situation.

Many companies, especially in Southeast Asia, have been forced to close with the advent of the health emergency.

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Many high fashion houses, in fact, refused to pay for the garments and fabrics produced in this period, forcing many industries to close.

The lack of social networks, trade unions and the protection of workers in these areas of the world have made the living conditions of the fashion workers almost unsustainable.

The campaign for the dignity of fashion workers

Media and journalistic inquiries have denounced the condition bordering on poverty of this segment of the population.

After learning about it, a group of associations launched Good clothes fair pay, in which big brands were invited to pay their workers honestly.

The most important brands realized that the consequences for their image would be serious and therefore they decided to collect the goods and pay for the productions. But many brands have refused to do this.

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In 2020, a group of sixty non-governmental organizations sent a bill to the European Parliament called Good clothes fair pay.

After two years, the European Union strategy on textiles was published and will then have to be ratified every two years.

The project symbolizes the power of denunciation and the importance of looking at the glittering world of high fashion with careful and critical eyes, which sometimes hides, behind creativity and sparkle, stories of poverty and social injustice.


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