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Pattaya —

Pattaya authorities have warned people of strong waves and winds after a foreign tourist drowned in the sea at 2 PM today, March 19th.

Sawang Boriboon rescuers rushed to Pattaya Beach near the Nipa Lodge intersection around 2 PM today after getting a report about a drowning tourist. When they arrived, they found multiple onlookers circling an unidentified foreigner who was lying unconscious on the beach.

The tourist of unknown nationality was about 55-65 years old. The rescuers tried to revive him by providing him with life-saving CPR but sadly failed. There were no signs of a wallet or identification documents nearby.

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Pattaya Beach today at the scene of the drowning

A 44-year-old Thai eyewitness, Ms. Bangorn Somphan, told The Pattaya News that she saw the tourist walking on the beach alone and wading into shallow water. A moment later, the man began struggling and drowning and was rescued by two Indian tourists at the beach. They then asked her to contact rescuers, but unfortunately, the man passed away before the rescuers arrived.

Pattaya authorities warned tourists to be cautious while swimming in the sea due to high waves and gusty winds. The tourist’s body was transported to a local hospital for the identification process.


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