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FedEx Express showcases aerospace solutions at Bahrain International Airshow


FedEx Express at the BIAS 2022

FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of FedEx Corp is showcasing its one-stop shop shipping solutions for the aerospace industry, at the Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS), from November 9  to 11, 2022. Aircraft maintenance is an extremely time sensitive undertaking and the time needed to ship replacement parts, which range from large materials to specialized rare components, must be as short as possible.

FedEx Express at the 2022 BIAS

In order to meet the demands of the Aerospace and Aviation industries for speed and reliability, FedEx offers a value-added solution that combine a well-established global air network and customizable FedEx Aerospace Solutions with services such as Dangerous Goods shipping, Automation solutions, supply chain solutions, and experienced customs clearance support to manage the specialized customs regulations required when transporting aircraft parts.

FedEx particpates at the 2022 BIAS

The broad selection of FedEx Aerospace Solutions also includes the SenseAware technology, a first of its kind innovation powered by FedEx. SenseAware is a multi-sensor device that travels inside shipments, offering extended visibility into the movement of critical packages like aircraft parts and tools. The device can monitor current location, precise temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure readings, light exposure, and shock events. The near real-time updates make it possible for customers to stay connected to their high-value shipments.


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