Experiencing Asia with 'Booking Explorers' campaign


shutterstock 367853279 launches the second edition of its Booking Explorers campaign. The series is a follow-up to last year’s with more inspiring travel stories from leading personalities across Asia Pacific.

“As the world returns to travel with great enthusiasm, we want to inspire travellers in Asia Pacific through the rich stories of our Explorers,” said Laura Houldsworth, managing director for Asia Pacific. “They are truly inspirational with their desire to keep exploring despite the challenges faced — and now they invite us to dig deeper into the sights and cultures of the countries they call home and the destinations we likely have yet to discover. I hope these stories stir travellers everywhere to open their hearts and minds to new experiences and put sustainability at the forefront of all they do.”

As the world continues to open up, travel is officially back with a vengeance and people are ready to reconnect with the destinations, cultures, people and experiences that they love. In this second edition of Booking Explorers, they continue to celebrate the adventurers and trailblazers among us who have been keeping the spirit of travel alive, despite the struggles and disruptions we continue to face post-pandemic.

This year’s campaign features five new personalities from Australia, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Former MasterChef Australia grand finalist, Simon Toohey, is always on the lookout for new flavours and ideas through his travels. He takes us on a culinary adventure through Victoria, Australia. Upcoming Bollywood actor and Mumbai native Shanaya Kapoor has always lived life in the spotlight but is now ready to make her acting debut in Indian cinema.

She shares what she loves about Mumbai and the must-see destinations around India. Multidisciplinary artist MY Q brings us through every nook of South Korea – from underground music scenes to contemporary art galleries. Nature-loving lifestyle personality Tran Quang Dai advocates for sustainability, not only in his way of life, but in travelling too as he takes us through Vietnam. And finally, Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga, a familiar face in haute couture, shares her love for tranquillity, the beauty of nature, and the countryside.

Through this year’s Explorers, they continue to celebrate the relentless spirit of travel, and their desire to keep experiencing and exploring all things new and familiar, whether it’s in their own backyards or around their home countries. However, as much of the world seeks to travel again, we also recognise the need for sustainability: from avoiding single-use plastic and making smart, responsible choices when choosing stays, to transforming how and where we travel to so that we minimise our impact on the destinations we visit; and hopefully leave our destinations better than when we first arrived.

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