Delicious- Eat at Harrods Department Store London


Delicious- Eat at Harrods Department Store London

London is one of the most spectacular cities in the world that you can visit.  With so many things to see like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Madam Tussands just to name a few.  If you have never been to the world famous Harrods you most likely picture a huge department store with all designer items from clothes to purses to shoes and more. Well you are right on that point, but what you might not realize is there is an amazing Harrods food shopping experience to be had! Harrods has almost anything you can imagine, and you will want to experience it all. Everything looks and is…Delicious- Eat at Harrods Department Store London!

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Harrods History

Harrods London food history goes back to the year 1849 when the Harrods founder Charles Henry Harrod opened up a small Harrods grocery store selling tea and groceries. This Harrods shop is was located at 105 Brompton Road in the underdeveloped area of Knightsbridge.  He later sold it to his son Charles Digby Harrod where the Harrods store expanded to 101 and 103 Brompton Road.  Harrods Knightsbridge prospered when the area began to attract the wealthy of London.  However, when the Harrods Brompton Road was destroyed by a fire in 1883, a new store was built in 1884 at Humphrey’s Hall in Knightsbridge.  Therefore, as you see, Harrods London England originally was all about the food!

The owners of Harrods have switched hands a few times since Charles Digby Harrod retired in 1889.  Including the shares being with the London Stock Exchange, Fayed Brothers and now the Qatar Investment Authority.

Harrods Dining

When you plan your trip to Harrods, there is no need to check out restaurants near Harrods, they have everything you could want in the Harrods food hall.  There are so many places to check out for all meals of the day.  For a delicious Harrods breakfast head over to the coffee bar and choose from several Harrods coffees and baked goods.  Or if tea is your preference, the Harrods Tea Room(formally the Georgian Restaurant) menu will surely satisfy you.  The Tea Room Harrods has all-day dining with a wonderful high tea at Harrods.

For a tasty Harrods lunch or a delectable Harrods dinner, there are so many options!  With so many Harrods restaurants offering all different cuisines, you will find it hard to pick which one to satisfy your appetite.  There is Chinese, Seafood, Sushi, Middle Eastern, a Harrods deli and grill, just to give you an idea. My favorite is Harrods Italian restaurant 🙂  Lots of places to eat in Harrods!

When it is time for Harrods Desserts!

Oh my, you have no idea.  I was always told to save room for dessert.  You will be disappointed if you don’t.  Sweets galore: Harrods Cakes, cookies, chocolates and icecream.  There is just too, too much…well eye candy!

Harrods Food Gifts

If you are looking for something to really impress your family or friends, pick up a specially chosen arrangement of Harrods products beautifully wrapped and ready to go!

If you happen to be so lucky to live in England, or if you are just wanting a little special something at your hotel…try out Harrods delivery!!

Harrods Hampers

What? Okay, if you are not from Great Britain you probably would not know what a hamper is, right? Well it’s like what us Americans call a picnic basket.

Harrods food hampers are the best! Pick from a selection of cheeses, wines, meats and desserts.  Take a Harrods picnic hamper to one of London’s beautiful parks! But don’t forget to stop by the Harrods florist to buy some beautiful flowers from gardens around the world.

Wine and others to Quench your Thirst

Harrods wines are for even the most advanced wine connoisseur.  There is an amazing wine cellar with a selection from around the world.  It’s fun to try different wines when you are traveling.  If you like a little bit more of the harder stuff, the assortment of liquors will astound you.

Quick Facts About Harrods England Department Store

When did Harrods Open:  1849

Who Owns Harrods: Qatar Investment Authority

Harrods Opening times: 10 a.m, Monday to Saturday. 11:30 a.m.on Sundays.

Harrods closing Times: 9:00 pm Monday to Saturday.  6:00 pm on Sunday

How many departments in Harrods: 330

How many floors does Harrods have:  7

How many square feet:  More than a million

How many people are shopping at Harrods each day:  Approximately 100,000

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