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Customisation and personalisation in travel market to reach USD 620.71 Mn in 2032


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The customisation and personalisation in travel market is anticipated to have a CAGR of 17.8% (2022-2032), reaching a value of USD 620.71 Mn by 2032. These insights are based on a report by Future Market Insights.

Millennial travellers are suave and are always in search of something special during their business or leisure tours. They are smart, well researched, very clear about their priorities and needs and are eager to shell out any money to gain a comfortable travel experience. The scope and relevance of a travel marketer are massive in the modern tourism market.

The trend of customisation and personalisation in travel marketing is slowly but steadily emerging in the market. A properly planned tour with significant inputs can change the entire travel experience for a tourist. The use and accumulation of travel data has changed the face of the travel industry and given it a new dimension.

New travel portals have created a virtual corridor for travellers leading them into a better and bigger arena of the travel world. A host of travel tools are now in use and many of the leading travel agents around the world are using these tools for customisation and personalisation in travel marketing.

Personalised and customised travel marketing holds the key to success for key stakeholders in the travel industry. Modern day customers are shifting towards tailor-made and customised travel packages. Emails are a passé in the evolving travel industry. Travel companies are using advanced tools to promote their offerings.

To woo a new lot of travellers companies are rehashing their travel marketing strategies by collating in-depth information about a particular traveller and sending out professional and customised emails by gauging the exact choice of the customer.

Most of the travel companies are using high-end marketing tools to segregate customer information and are then scripting personalised mails and newsletters to ignite the interest of the tourists about a specific tour package. Social media platforms are playing a pivotal role in changing the canvas of customised and personalised travel marketing. Several travellers around the globe are using social media platforms to complete their pre-travel research.

Marketers are also predominantly using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services. Travel management companies around the globe are actively using social media platforms to woo the hashtag loving travellers.

A customised and personalised social media campaign can not only create a new band of consumers, but it can also strengthen the loyalty of the customer towards the company. An active social media presence can provide an instant launch pad to any marketing or promotional activity planned by the company.

The emergence of an array of tourism trends such as medical tourism, eco-tourism, jungle safari, and village tourism (where a tourist gets a chance to live like a native of that village along with the villagers) is also fuelling the growth of customisation and personalisation in travel marketing.

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