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Costa To Place Three Ships To South America In 2023-24


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Beginning with the 2023–2024 winter season, Costa Cruises will have three ships operating out of South America.

A news release states that the six-month local programme will feature the Costa Diadema, the Costa Favolosa, and the Costa Fascinosa.

From November 2023 through May 2024, the ships will sail one of the company’s longest seasons in the area, providing a wide range of itineraries to Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

With more time and bigger ships, Costa will be able to increase its market share and exceed its capacity projections for the 2022-2023 season.

When looking at the development of the cruise industry in South America, it is impossible to separate the story of Costa from that of the whole region. They will have served the area for 75 years in March of 2023.

Costa Cruises’ Executive President for South and Central America, Dario Rustico, has said that the company’s recent years of record growth in customer preference can be credited to its robust and ambitious business strategy, which has always prioritised sustainable and lasting expansion.

One of the programme’s highlights is the return of the Costa Diadema for a second season in the region.

The ship will set sail from Santos, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador and provide a variety of weekly trips to Bahia.

The Costa Diadema provides the Brazilian market with a new option for unforgettable cruise holidays.

Commercial Director for Costa Cruises in Brazil, Ruy Ribeiro, said passengers well received the ship during her inaugural season.

The city in the southern part of Brazil is the embarkation point for five-week cruises to Argentina and Uruguay aboard the Costa Fascinosa.

The Costa Favolosa will sail from Santos and Itajai (Brazil), providing a full complement of local cruise options with voyages ranging from three to seven nights.

The ship’s itinerary covers ports in Argentina and Uruguay and various ports in Brazil.

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