Cambodian female artist allegedly disfigured by group of Polish men in a brutal attack in Pattaya – The Pattaya News

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PHOTO: Matichon

Pattaya —

  A young female artist from Cambodia pled with a Thai lawyer to help her, alleging she was brutally attacked by a gang of Polish men in Pattaya. The suspects reportedly fled Thailand, according to Banglamung police.

The story of the Cambodian victim, an unnamed freelance artist, was posted on Facebook by Sitra Bia Kordkerd, a Thai lawyer-influencer, on Thursday, December 8th.

According to the post, the victim said a group of Polish men slashed her in the face with a knife, bludgeoned her with a hammer, and splashed acid on her face, body, and genitals. The dreadful assault allegedly took place on December 1st in a forest near an abandoned area in Pattaya’s Soi Naklua 16, Nongprue subdistrict, Banglamung, Chonburi.

The lawyer, better known as lawyer Tam, stated that the victim was hired by what she called a “Polish mafia gang” to draw a picture for them. When she arrived at the rendezvous, the suspects restrained her and began torturing her. The victim was aided by Pattaya Sawang Boriboon rescuers and police while dripping blood. She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she had more than 260 stitches.

Local Pattaya reporters went to speak with the owner of a nearby Bamboo Beach restaurant, Golf, who lives 100 meters from the incident scene.

Golf said the Cambodian victim ate at his restaurant with her dog on the day in question. He then saw her again at sundown while she was being treated by rescuers and police. Golf said the woman was covered in blood.

Another witness, Bangmud, a 24-year-old security guard at a nearby condominium told local reporters that he was the first person who assisted the injured victim. Bangmud stated he noticed the woman walking down the beach with a bloody and wet body as if she had been attacked by acid.

The security guard also said he saw two foreign suspects, a pudgy man, and a skinny man. The suspects left the beach nonchalantly as though nothing had happened, the witness commented.

After an investigation, Banglamung police found a knife and a hammer at the incident scene and kept them as evidence. The officers confirmed that the suspects were Polish. However, information from the Thai immigration office found that the suspects left Thailand on December 3rd. Their names were not released by Thai authorities at this time.

Banglamung police said they would coordinate with Interpol to put an international warrant on them for such a barbaric crime and try to extradite the men back to Thailand.

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