BRAFA 2023: spotlight on key pieces from the 68th edition


Walking around BRAFA is like diving into a world where beauty and elegance impart a form of appeasement. Collectors and art lovers will soon be able to rediscover this special atmosphere, since the 68th edition of the Fair will be taking place from Sunday, January 29th to Sunday, February 5th, 2023, BRAFA will be taking up residence at Brussels Expo.

Over the course of 8 days, more than 10,000 works spanning all different styles and periods will be presented by 130 internationally-renowned galleries from 15 countries. For two days prior to the opening of the Fair, the paintings, furniture, art objects, jewellery and sculptures will be analysed by more than 80 experts from around the world, studied by a scientific laboratory and monitored by the Art Loss Register.

Over time, BRAFA has built up a reputation that is now well established thanks to its pursuit of excellence and the eclecticism of the objects on display, allowing collectors to broaden their tastes and purchase with complete confidence.

It is not by chance that from the outset, BRAFA has resolutely opted for excellence and eclecticism! Diversity and high standards are essential impulses that drive any healthy and dynamic society, simultaneously living up to its core values and projecting itself into the future in a visionary way. BRAFA is a microcosm that reflects this approach in a world where technology transcends matter, thereby accessing a sphere that showcases the richness of an artistic heritage with a thousand nuances. This is why BRAFA is a reliable and credible guide which, from year to year, takes you on a journey through the mysterious, sometimes ill-defined but always fascinating forest which we call the world of art.

Christian Vrouyr, Secretary-General of BRAFA.

From the Old Masters to contemporary art, by way of jewellery, sculptures, silverware, design and tribal art, here is an overview of a few key pieces which will be featured at BRAFA 2023.

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