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A euphoric month awaits football fans at Black Orchid, Mondrian Doha



Black Orchid is poised to take Doha’s sophisticated nightlife scene to another level this winter with its exhilarating tunes and eclectic beats. It is the perfect place for revellers seeking a secret rendezvous hidden behind the handcrafted speaker doors which lead to the secret tunnel, setting the tone for a royal entrance.

Surrounded by gold-framed mirrors, two bars, and an oversized DJ booth, partygoers can enjoy drink options that are worth raising a glass to, from a wide selection of grapes, bubbles and hops to expertly concocted cocktails as they soak in the evening’s atmosphere. Guests can also indulge in a sumptuous gourmet bites menu and elevated dishes that will take them on a sensory trip.

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Black Orchid together with Xtremer Entertainment and A1 Nights, offer non-stop thrilling events throughout the week; starting on a high note with a bespoke ladies’ night on Sundays, Her Night, where ladies will be offered free drinks from the selected menu from 10 PM to 3 AM. Followed by unforgettable nights on Tuesdays, where the crowd will be dazzled thanks to the DJ’s buzzing beats. 400Thursdays are here to offer guests the latest R&B hits that will keep them on their feet all night long. See the weekend in style with Jupiter, a techno party on Fridays, featuring a thrilling uproar of electronic house music which is a must-visit.

Open from 10 PM till 3 AM, Black Orchid welcomes partygoers for an evening like no other as the sun sets and the DJs take guests to a world of fun.

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