TripAdvisor says ‘Be kind, write a review’


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Tripadvisor is calling all travellers to brush up on their typing skills and get ready to turn their memories into invaluable guidance in the form of a review (or many!), ahead of its inaugural Write a Review Day, launching next week on 3 May.

To kick off the summer travel season, throughout the month of May, the platform is rallying the Tripadvisor community and encouraging travellers to write a review. Whether it’s a hotel stay, experience booked or culinary moment at a restaurant over the past 12-months, Tripadvisor is asking travellers to share their experiences – the good, the not so good and everything in between, with the intention of giving the still recovering tourism and hospitality industry helpful, constructive feedback. This feedback is aimed at guiding travellers on their way as the world emerges from the pandemic and begins to take to the roads, seas and skies again.

With over a billion reviews and opinions on the platform, Tripadvisor has learned a thing or two about what makes a great, helpful review.

You’ve seen the not-so-helpful reviews on other platforms:

— “This place was great!” But why was it great?

— “I didn’t like the food?” What did this person order? What didn’t they like about the food?

Tripadvisor has proven not all reviews or review platforms are created equal, and as the recently released Power of Reviews study shows, the content of a review matters. Tripadvisor’s reviews are 3x longer than the reviews found on leading online travel agent websites and search engines, and it’s that level of detail that helps travellers to make informed decisions.

The post TripAdvisor says ‘Be kind, write a review’ appeared first on Travel Daily.

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