The most expensive food in the world? Albino caviar: Excellence and Respect for the Environment


The new luxury in terms of excellent food is all enclosed in tiny, almost golden eggs: albino caviar.

Referred to as the most expensive food in the world, its price list is truly mind-boggling: over $ 300,000 per kilo!

Where does albino caviar come from

Walter Gruell: this Austrian gentleman is the creator and the first exporter of white caviar. With his son Gruell deals with the production of the White Stottarga.

The extreme luxury of this gastronomic product, reserved only and exclusively for very wealthy palates, has a very specific reason: the albino sturgeon is very rare and must be treated with great care and attention.

$ 40,000 for a teaspoon: dehydrated albino beluga eggs are almost priceless precisely because this particular type of fish is now in all respects considered an endangered species.

Ethical luxury and caviar

Walter Gruell made an ethical choice: to avoid intensively exploiting the very rare albino belugas, he chose to start the production of his very luxurious white caviar by starting an albino sturgeon farm.

Although this type of caviar is also very expensive, the selling price seems really disproportionate.

The reason for this exorbitant price list is there… and it is a precious reason!

In fact, a rather particular ingredient has been added to the dehydrated albino caviar: 24 carat gold finely reduced to powder.

According to the Austrian producer, inserting small amounts of pure gold in human nutrition would bring great health benefits, in particular it would give great support to the immune system.

The taste of the most expensive food in the world

The very few lucky ones who have been able to afford to affirm that they have tasted the most expensive food in the world, say that its flavor is decisive, unmistakable and that very little is enough to give great flavor to every dish.

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