Swedish-style ‘meatballs’ and creamy pasta: School Night Vegan’s midweek recipes for tinned beans


Two vegan dishes that make the most of canned beans: borlotti Swedish-style ‘meatballs’ and penne alla vodka with cannellini cream

When I say I’m a fan of canned beans, I mean I’m a stan of canned beans. A friend once joked that I could write a cookbook called Doing New Things With a Tin of Beans, which I very nearly mistook for a challenge. Nutritionally, they’re a powerhouse, but it’s their versatility that truly gives me life. I recently figured out that you can blend an entire tin of cannellini beans to make a silky-smooth double cream replacement, ideal for glossy pasta sauces such as this vegan penne alla vodka. Borlotti, on the other hand, are gorgeous and meaty when mashed with diced mushrooms and used like mince.

UK readers: click to buy these ingredients from Ocado

UK readers: click to buy these ingredients from Ocado

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