Sustainable luxury: Italy is on the podium with Gucci


Sustainable luxury: Italy is on the podium with Gucci.

Kearney’s Circular Fashion Index 2022: it is this strategic consulting company that evaluates the efforts of brands to extend and extend the life of products, which has put Italy in second place among sustainable countries.

More specifically, the Bel Paese is on the second step of the podium as regards the main manufacturers in the fashion sector.

The real spearhead of the ranking, the greatest pride for Made in Italy goes to the luxury sector with the podium conquered by the Florentine maison Gucci.

Also for the general classification, Italy appears again, in fifth place, with the Ovs brand.

As for international brands, Patagonia, The North Face and Levis won the podium of the Circular Fashion Index 2022.

Of the more than 150 brands monitored, around 35% are Italian, German and French.

150 global brands, 20 countries and 6 sectors; from outdoor to lingerie, from luxury (both premium and affordable) to the mass market, from fast fashion to sportswear.


Sustainable commitment: there is still a lot to do

Despite the many virtuous examples, the fashion industry and the fashion industry still seem to struggle to achieve a good level of sustainable commitment: the global score is in fact only 3 out of 10.

In fact, only 7% of brands now regularly use recycled materials compared to 39% who do not use them and 54% who use them exclusively for selected details or products.

Even communication on product care or “ethical” usage advice remains niche: only 46% of brands provide approximately these details to their customers, while 44% do not at all.

France remains out of the top positions, however, with its 22 brands overall, it reaches the highest score in the CFX (3.65).

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